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Another wan!  

This time stolen from :iconsaikoto:!

Let's see, hundreds of OC's, but can I fit one into all of these categories...inb4 all of these are Warcraft OC's. 

1. Amnesiac - Junirah Azurelight (World of Warcraft)
2. Blue Eyes - Claurice Chaverau (World of Warcraft) 
3. Cynical - Nako Urameki (Bayformers) 
4. Dark - Ayana Oscurita (Bayformers) 
5. Eccentric - Seliene (Thief)  
6. Feisty - Kyrian Skylar (World of Warcraft) 
7. Ghost - Emma Goulen (Cry of Fear) 
8. Hateful - Levuk (Detherok)
9. Innocence - Origa (World of Warcraft) 
10. Jealousy - Xalia (Nalariid universe) 
11. Keen - Iovay Eboncroft (Dishonored) 
12. Loving - Pandra (Detherok) 
13. Menacing - Ruthos (Detherok) 
14. Nice -  Alicia Harrowill (Bayformers)
15. Orphan - Lyani (Jak Trilogy-verse)
16. Peaceful - Ryn Duinan (Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms) 
17. Quiet - Melindra Dawnfire (World of Warcraft) 
18. Royalty - Shienna the Shadow; Queen of all she Consumes (Amnesia the Dark Descent/Head World)
19. Sinful - Zai (Attack on Titan/Flight Rising) 
20. Tyrant - Ornoridios (Flight Rising) 
21. Un-nerving - Lysha (Dead Space) 
22. Violent - Reendeltoran (Crylick universe) 
23. Xanthic (Meaning Yellow or Yellowish. So Idk, A Blonde Character or a Yellow Eyed character) - Arusenna (Amnesia the Dark Descent/Head World) 
24. Yielding - Lyrann Ross (Transformers Prime) 
25. Zesty - Sparrow (Thief) 

I will have to get to drawing these once I'm, 1. Back from Anime Expo and 2. Finished my other checklist. 
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Extra Stuff

My cosplay page. --> :iconshelkecurzpleh: <--


If you find a deviation of mine that isn't properly credited with the base creator and a link to the base itself, TELL ME . I will take care of it. And when I say tell me, I don't mean "omg, u thief, u stole base witout crdtng!" I mean, " :icon -blah blah made this base , fix this!" or y'know, if you -made- the base, say "This is mine, credit me."

You may ask, "Well why should I, that sounds incredibly lazy of you Shelke."

Well! I've saved literally hundreds of bases in my two collections, some of them are exclusively on my PC because I saved them before they were put into storage or removed from Deviantart entirely, so when I go to look for them, and they aren't there,'s kind of impossible, so if you could kindly remind me on any deviation I haven't given credit for, PLEASE DO!

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Question! If given the opportunity to ride in an ambulance and didn't have to drive it...would you ride with the siren on? 

7 deviants said Fuck yes!
3 deviants said Nah



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thank you very much for the watch and llama! 
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Thank you for the epic laughs!
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youre quite welcome! Hug 
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thanks for the watch! anything in paticular make you wanna watch me?
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xD It's ok. 
Lurking my page eh? xD
GamerShelke Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, watched you awhile back cause you watched me.  =) 

Inked one of your characters for you recently, if you remember. 
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Th-Thankyou for the fave! :iconlazycryplz:
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